Wireless Alarm Systems vs Cellular Alarm Monitoring

Wireless Alarm Systems vs Cellular Alarm Monitoring

wireless alarm system
  • wireless alarm systemWireless alarm systems have become very popular in recent years, but many people are still confused when they’re confronted with the term “wireless alarm systems.” This is probably due to the fact that even within the alarm industry, that term sometimes has different meanings.  Sometimes it refers to the sensors used inside a home, while other times it refers to the way an alarm is monitored by the central station.

    We’ll explain the difference below, and for the purposes of this article, we’ll use the term “wireless alarm system” to refer to systems that use wireless sensors inside a home, and we’ll use the term “cellular monitoring” to refer to systems that report an alarm to the central station using the cellular system.

    Wireless Alarm Systems

    A wireless alarm system is one that uses wireless sensors to communicate with each other and the system’s main control panel.  So, instead of having a wire going from a sensor on a window to the main control panel, the sensor on the window will transmit a signal to the main control panel wirelessly.

    The frequencies of wireless systems are usually proprietary, which means that they aren’t used by any other devices and shouldn’t interfere with your cell phones, garage door or any of your other wireless devices.

    The advantage of a wireless alarm system is that it doesn’t require lots of wires running through your walls, so it’s much easier to install.

    Cellular Alarm Monitoring

    When a home security system uses cellular alarm monitoring, it means that when an alarm is triggered, an alert is sent to a central monitoring station using the cellular system instead of a phone line.  This means that a burglar can’t disable an alarm by cutting the phone line, and it also means that you don’t need a landline to have a monitored alarm.

    Since more and more people are going without a landline telephone and just using their cell phone as their sole phone number, cellular alarm monitoring can be a very attractive option.

    Wireless vs Cellular

    There’s three key things to understand about wireless alarm systems and cellular alarm monitoring.

    • First, a wireless alarm system as defined above can be monitored either via a landline or the cellular network.
    • Second, an alarm that is monitored via the cellular system may or may not use wireless sensors.
    • Finally, if your alarm system uses cellular monitoring, it can also allow you to control your system using your cell phone or tablet.  This opens up the possibility of also controlling other systems inside your home, such as the lights, temperature control, and even door locks.

    While any home security system is better than none, if you want the best, most secure system, you’ll want to have a system that uses wireless sensors inside the home and that is monitored via the cellular network.  If you’d like more information on all types of home security systems offered by Dynamark Security of Richmond, contact us to request a free in-home consultation.