Where to Place Motion Sensor Lights Around Your Home

Where to Place Motion Sensor Lights Around Your Home

  • Whether you want to light up a home for safety when walking or want to deter criminals from entering, motion sensors lights are one of the best investments you can make for your property.  In today’s post, we cover where to place motion sensor lights around your home in order to get the most benefit from them.

    Within the Garage

    Installing motion sensor lights within the garage serve two purposes: first, motion sensor lights in the garage allow you to do work within your garage at any hour of the day. Secondly, it’s likely that some of your most valuable items—like vehicles, bikes, and tools—are stored within the garage; motion sensor lights can deter a thief. And if an unwanted visitor does enter your garage, motion sensor lights will illuminate the area, exposing the perpetrator to you or/and your neighbors.

    Property Walkways

     Much like the garage, motion sensor lights on property walkways will not only deter criminals from using walkways—particularly those that lead to home entrances—but will also help to illuminate things for non-intrusive visitors. Having lights on walkways can help to prevent against slip and fall accidents, but aids in home security, too.

    All Home Entrances

     Don’t limit motion sensor lights to main entryways; instead, install motion sensor lighting on all of your home entrances, even the most unlikely ones. Criminals, when determined, can find a way into a home, even if it’s a high window. (The same thing goes for basement windows too – this area is a favorite place of burglars’ for entering homes). By installing motion lighting, criminals will be exposed if trying to enter your home. As a note, consider installing motion sensor lights on any entrances to your property too, such as the opening of a driveway or a fence gate.

    Open Areas, Pools, and Gardens

     If a motion sensor light catches someone when breaking and entering, the criminal’s immediate reaction will likely be to flee to a luminescence-free area. These areas often include an open expanse of yard, a pool, or a garden. You can prevent a criminal from seeking solace in other parts of your yard by making sure that you have motion sensor lights throughout the entirely of your property, providing no obvious hiding spots.

    Positioning Motion Sensor Lights for Maximum Efficiency

    While it won’t always be possible with all motion sensor lights on your property, you can improve home security by mounting the motion detector lights approximately six to ten feet above the ground. You can also purchase a system where the detector and the light are separate, so that an illumination from above occurs even if the detector is in a separate area.

    Learn More About Motion Sensor Lights for Home Security

     If you want to secure your home and your family, motion sensor lights can help. Motion sensor lights are one of the best ways to prevent criminal activity, are inexpensive, and use little energy. To learn more about motion sensor lights, different makes and models, and ideal positioning of motion sensor lights on your property, call Dynamark Security of Richmond today.