What To Do If Your Home Has Been Burglarized

What To Do If Your Home Has Been Burglarized

  • Broken window on  door by vandalism
    Broken window on door by vandalism

    No one wants to come home to a crime scene. Home safety is a high priority for most homeowners, and when you find you’ve been burglarized, your sense of security can come crashing down. Here’s a list of what to do if your home has been burglarized.

    Contact the police

    When you realize your home has been robbed, it is essential to call the police as soon as possible. That way, they can begin collecting information about your case, hopefully allowing them to catch the burglar quickly. Many burglars will not stop after one break-in. If many homes in your area have been burglarized, police might already have an idea of who is responsible, and your report will help their investigation. If you saw the burglar fleeing your home, be sure to give the police a detailed description.

    Don’t go inside or touch anything

    If there are visible signs of a break-in on the exterior of your home, do not go inside. The culprit could still be lurking inside your home. You might be tempted to confront a burglar, but the safest choice is to go to a safe place and call the police.

    If you are already inside when you begin to suspect a burglary, leave the house. Don’t touch anything on your way out—you might disturb valuable evidence. Wait at a trusted neighbor’s house or inside your locked car—somewhere away from the house—until the police confirm that your home is safe to enter.

    Take inventory of missing items and damages

    You will need a list of the items stolen in the burglary, both for insurance purposes and to help police recover your belongings. Also record any damages to your home, including broken windows and doors, damaged locks, or damages to personal items inside. If you know the serial numbers for stolen valuables, list those too. The more information you can give police and insurance companies, the better.

    Taking inventory of damages can also help you understand weaknesses in your home security system. Broken locks and windows in particular indicate how a burglar entered your home. In the future, you can beef up security in these areas. Additionally, you might even find that your existing system isn’t working properly. It’s easy to miss a malfunction when your home is not being invaded—a burglary can alert you to broken cameras or sensors.

    Update your security system

    Once you have contacted the police and your insurance company, you should start thinking about how to safeguard your home against future attacks. A burglar alarm can help you sleep better and feel safer. If you already have an alarm system, consider updating your system to include wireless technologies, motion sensors, or security cameras. The presence of cameras alone can deter would-be burglars.  Lights attached to motion sensors also make a great deterrent. If these things don’t stop a break-in, a camera can still help police catch a thief.

    Newer technologies even allow you to monitor your home’s security system remotely.  You can review surveillance footage, receive security alerts, and control your system via your cell phone or other devices.  An updated system will give you peace of mind after a burglary, even when you’re away from home.  If you’d like to find out what upgrades are available for your system, or get a quote on a new system, contact Dynamark Security of Richmond.