Using Security Landscaping to Protect Your Home

Using Security Landscaping to Protect Your Home

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  • security landscapingThe following article was contributed by Styer Landscaping, a trusted partner of Dynamark Security of Richmond.

    When most people think about home security, the first thing that comes to mind is alarm systems, locks, or possibly even firearms.  While these things can all play a part in protecting your home, what most people don’t realize is that the landscaping of your property can also have a big impact on home security.  This impact can either be positive or negative depending on what type of landscaping you have.

    Security can be negatively impacted by landscaping when bushes, trees, or shrubs block the view of your home from the street or from a neighbor’s property.  While this might give you a little extra privacy, it also gives privacy to burglars attempting to break into your house.  This is especially true when bushes block the view of first-floor windows without blocking access to the windows.  This not only allows burglars to break in through a window without danger of being seen, it also prevents people inside the house from seeing intruders on the property.

    If you do have large bushes or shrubs around your home, be sure to keep them closely trimmed to increase visibility.  Also, prune any trees next to your home so that branches don’t overhang the property, as these could be used by a burglar to access second-story windows (which might be more likely to be unlocked).

    Landscaping can have a positive impact on security if you use plants with thorns or sharp leaves to discourage burglars from approaching your home.  Rose bushes are excellent for this and are also visually appealing.  Plant them under first-floor windows, and you’ll send a message to thieves that your home is not an easy target while at the same time making your property more attractive.

    If you are unsure how to go about landscaping your property in a way that both increases security and adds to the value of your home, consult with a professional landscaping company.  A good landscape designer will be able to help you come up with a plan that makes your home beautiful and safe.  After all, while locks, alarms, and guns make for a great last line of defense against burglars, good security landscaping can help prevent them from even targeting your home in the first place.

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