Top 5 Home Security Gifts

Top 5 Home Security Gifts

  • If you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, look no further! These top home security gifts will keep you and your loved ones safe year-round:

    1. Lockitron Bolt

    The Lockitron deadbolt lock is a smart solution to locking your home. It’s a unit that installs over your deadbolt to allow you to unlock your doors for others without having to give them a key or code to enter. This is more secure than lending a key to a neighbor or friend and more convenient than having to change your entry code after letting in a maid or service worker. You can even set Lockitron Sense™ so that when you approach your door with your smartphone it will unlock your deadbolt automatically. This is great for kids too because you can enable it on their phones as well and set up an alert to receive when they enter. The Lockitron also uses low blue tooth technology, making it functional even during a power outage.

    1. Chamberlain MyQ Garage

    MyQ Garage is an easy-to-install device that allows you to detect if your garage door is open from anywhere. You can open it and close it remotely as well, which is perfect for the person who forgets to close their garage door from time to time. This not only ensures that the valuables in your garage will be protected, it can also alert you to potential security hazards by notifying you when your door is opened once you have closed it. The best part is that the MyQ is compatible with almost any garage door that has been installed in the last 20 years and it installs in under 30 minutes.

    1. Schlage Keypad Lock

    Schlage keypad lock installs in minutes without any wiring needed. This lock boasts all of the same benefits that other keypad entry locks have but it can also be used on internal doors – blocking off unwanted access to home offices, wine cellars, gun rooms, and more. The keys are backlit and durable, making it great for long-term usage in any conditions.

    1. Honeywell Total Connect

    Honeywell Total ConnectHoneywell Total Connect is a smart home security monitoring system that integrates all of your smart devices into one system.  You can access your home alarm system, control your thermostat, and more from any internet-connected device.  This means that you can check in on your home from your computer, smartphone, or tablet on the go. The Total Connect system is popular among frequent travelers, but is great for homeowners of all types and families of all sizes.  As an authorized Honeywell dealer, Dynamark Security of Richmond can install the Honeywell Total Connect system in your home and teach you how to use it.

    1. bSafe App

    The bSafe App is a popular smartphone app for iPhone and Android that allows you to share your location to let your friends and family know that you’ve arrived someplace safely. It also has a built in hidden alarm that you can push to alert your network if you are in any kind of danger – providing you a way to get help discretely. If you’re expecting to be somewhere in a certain timeframe, bSafe allows you the option to set an alarm so that your friends and family will be alerted if you haven’t checked in by then. In urban areas you can even search your list of friends by location to find someone to walk you home if you feel unsafe. This is a great gift for children that have moved away from home or for anyone who lives alone.

    Now that you have some great holiday gift ideas, get out there and start shopping!