Three Common Home Security Mistakes

Three Common Home Security Mistakes

common home security mistakes
  • common home security mistakesIf you fancy the idea that you’re not at risk of being burglarized, think again. Burglars are always on the prowl looking for easy targets. When they find one, they’ll strike when no one expects. So, don’t take chances with your home security.  Let’s look briefly at 3 common home security mistakes people make and how you can avoid them.

    Failing to Scrutinize Workers

    Burglars posing as agency employees or utility workers is a growing security concern. Unfortunately, some home owners fail to scrutinize workers who visit their homes. Others are simply too trusting or too welcoming to strangers who show up to work in their homes. Both gestures can turn out to be costly mistakes.

    Solution: You need to scrutinize staff or workers who are dispatched by contractors more so if workers keep changing. When there’s one staff working on something for one week and another the other week, the risk for theft or burglary increases tremendously. Always ask for identification from anyone who walks into your property and claims to be an agency worker. Just to be sure about the identities of the visitors, call the agency office and find out whether or not they dispatched a worker. It’s also advisable for you to setup surveillance cameras when you’re away so that can retrieve footage of workers’ activity in your property.

    Failing to Reinforce Your Windows

    Windows are the weakest point of entry. What does that mean? Burglars would attempt to use them to access and exit a home without being detected.  So, locking windows alone won’t secure your home or deter burglars from breaking in and stealing valuables. Any burglar, armed with a crowbar, can pry open your windows within a matter of seconds.

    Solution: You need to reinforce and burglar proof your windows. Ideally, you should install iron bars on ground floor windows to make them burglar resistant. Burglars can smash through glass but they won’t squeeze through iron bars. It’ also advisable that you install laminated glass or Plexiglas windows. Specifically, Plexiglas has the same thickness as traditional glass but with the added advantage of being 10 times stronger.

    Failing to Lock Up Your Entire Home

    Most burglars are mere opportunists.  The US Department of Justice  “Burglary of Single Homes” report indicates that one-third of burglaries in many homes occur because of unlocked doors or windows. What does that imply? Burglars are always on the lookout for vulnerable areas to access a home. If possible, they’ll try to sneak into a home without forcible entry. Unlocked doors and windows provide the easiest passages for burglars.

    Solution: Locking up your windows, room doors, entrances, and garage doors is your first line of defense against burglars. Even if you’re neighborhood is deemed relatively safe, you should always keep doors locked when no one is around. It’s advisable that you secure your door frames with deadbolt lock or slide bolts. Both will reinforce your doors or entrance and make it difficult for burglars to break in.

    Following all of these tips will certainly make your home a less attractive target for burglars, but if you really want piece of mind, nothing beats a home security system.  Check out our current specials and contact Dynamark Security today to begin the installation process.