The Best Locations for Business Security Cameras

The Best Locations for Business Security Cameras

Business Security Cameras
  • Security is one of the most important and commonly overlooked aspects of any business.  Monitoring daily Business Security Camerasoperations not only safeguards your company but it also protects your customers.  While a variety of security solutions can help secure your business, video surveillance is one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions available.  Before you install business security cameras you may want to consider which areas are the most critical to protect with consideration for the safety of everyone involved.

    Building Entrances and Exits

    Placing cameras at building entrances not only enables you to keep track of every visitor that enters the business but it also discourages people from committing a crime.  If customers notice your surveillance from the moment they enter the building, such as by placing a camera and television monitor inside the main entrance, they are less likely to commit a crime.  Depending on your type of business, angling security cameras at each entrances and exit enables you to keep track of authorized and unauthorized access to the building.  Placing a camera inside and outside of each entrance may seem like overkill; however, outside lighting and weather conditions can easily affect video clarity so doubling-up these areas can eliminate that risk.

    Customer Service Desks

    Maintaining high quality customer service can be difficult if your business involves a large number of employees or customers.  Placing security camera at cash registers, customer service desks or other high-traffic service areas gives you more control over monitoring these interactions.  You may also want to give your staff the ability to monitor these high-traffic areas from other locations in the business.  Many modern businesses place cameras less than 7 feet above ground at each register or kiosk to capture customers  in case of identity or financial fraud.

    Sensitive Items

    Identify which areas of your business could be targeted by criminals and secure them with video surveillance.  Money safes, filing cabinets, server rooms and other sensitive materials should be protected.  You may consider installing smaller cameras that face cash drawers to discourage employees from taking money from your business.  It should go without saying that the most critical part of your business should be monitored with security cameras.


    Blind-spots occur where video surveillance fails to fully-capture an area of your business.  Large shelves, corners and hallways are common areas in a business where a blind spot may exist.  While secluded areas may not have any sensitive materials, thieves may exploit these blind spots.  Strategic positioning and placement of your cameras can help eliminate these gaps in your security.

    Exterior and Parking Lots

    While most businesses don’t keep sensitive items outdoors, plenty of crime occurs outside businesses.  Outside camera surveillance protects your customers from car burglars and other crime.  It also keeps delivery personnel accountable when shipments arrive, such as loading docks in the back of the building.  These cameras can catch license plates and may result in recovering stolen goods when reports are filed with local law enforcement agencies. If your employees work late hours of the night, cameras outside give them an extra sense of security and protects them from being victimized in a dark parking lot.

    Business security cameras are a proven method to deter crime and help catch the perpetrators when crimes do take place.  If you’d like your business to benefit from the protection that security cameras can provide, contact Dynamark Security of Richmond to get a quote.