Seven Reasons Not to Buy an Alarm System from Your Cable Company

Seven Reasons Not to Buy an Alarm System from Your Cable Company

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  • Cable CompanyCable companies are good at getting you to purchase (potentially unnecessary) services by bundling because it appears to save money. Not many of us would have a landline nowadays, but the cable company tells you it is cheaper to have internet, cable, and a landline than it would be just to have internet and cable.

    The reason they do this is simple.  They know that the more services they provide you with, the more of a pain it will be for you to stop being a customer.

    This marketing gimmick to get you to pay for a landline isn’t a big deal— after all, it doesn’t affect your family’s safety when you choose to take part in it. However, your family’s safety does come into play when you purchase an alarm system from your cable company.

    Before you buy in on their security systems, take a look at these seven reasons why you should not trust the safety of your home and family to your cable company.

    Reason #1: Lower Reviews

    Cable companies are not in the security business, they are in the revenue business. They are always on the hunt for more services they can sell to their already large client base, purely to create more revenue, and make it more difficult for people to switch providers.

    Before you purchase their security systems for your home, check their reviews when matched up against companies who have been in the security business for decades. They are not great at providing excellent customer service for their main product, so it stands to reason they won’t be great at providing excellent customer service for an add-on security system.

    Reason #2: Proprietary Products Only They Can Monitor

    Cable companies use their own equipment to monitor your security. Their proprietary products are installed in your house for a fee and if you ever want to switch companies, these products cannot be used again. You must send them back to your cable company and pay to install all new equipment with your new security company.

    Reason #3: You Never Know Your True Cost

    When services are bundled, it is incredibly difficult to know how much each service actually costs. You are told they are “X” amount of dollars with “Y” amount of dollars taken off because of the multiple services you have purchased. Then add “Z” amount of tax to each service, but make sure you don’t forget “P” for the monthly monitoring or “N” for the activation fee split over three months.

    None of that makes sense. Worse, it’s not supposed to. You don’t know how much you’re paying so you don’t know if you’re paying too much!

    Reason #4: Promotional Time’s Up!

    Nine times out of ten, when you sign up with your cable company they make a big deal about the promotional rate you are getting, and how much money you are saving for 2 years. In that 2 years, you will forget your cable bill is a ticking time bomb. One day, you will run out of the promotional rate and your bill will dramatically go up. It will be a shock to you. You’ll frantically scour your bill for the things you can cut back on to get back down to a rate you can afford.

    If the part you want to cut is your alarm system– because you’ve found their charges to be outrageous– that’ll be difficult. They might let you cut the security, but you’ll have to send the equipment back because of Reason #2! They also might tell you that your bill will go up even more because you’re cutting out part of your bundle. This is not a good situation to find yourself in when your family’s security is on the table.

    Reason #5: Professional Alarm Companies: Masters of the Trade

    Say you have a heart problem. Do you go to a general physician or do you go to a cardiologist? Your basement has flooded because of a faulty sump pump— do you call a handyman or do you call a plumber?

    The same consideration should be taken when it comes to the safety and security of your family and home. Cable companies are starting to look like “jack-of-all-trades” companies. They offer so much! Offering a lot of services does not make you an expert in all of those services. Trust your family’s security to a company that has been in the business for decades perfecting their craft.

    Reason #6: Masters of Trades Don’t Raise Rates

    Dynamark Security of Richmond hasn’t raised their rates in almost 20 years. As a local company, we don’t need to raise our rates to keep revenue. Our clients have trusted us for decades. Few local alarm companies raise rates, and if at all. There are long periods of time between raises, not just the promotional period of 2 years.

    Reason #7: Consider It from Another’s Point of View

    Put yourself in the burglar’s shoes. Think about your confidence level if you were going to break into a house with a sign saying it is guarded by a cable company. Does that sound serious to you? Now, think about a sign that says it is guarded by a professional security company. Which one might give you cause to turn around and not even try it?

    The protection of your property and your family is of the utmost importance. Trust this protection to professionals with years of experience, and expert knowledge at their fingertips. Don’t take the chance with inferior protection for a bundled price.

    Call our customer service team today to ensure your home’s safety.