Security Risks of a Home Based Business

Security Risks of a Home Based Business

  • One of the biggest mistakes that home based business owners make is assuming their company is too small to worry about security. However, entrepreneurs who work from home may have even greater security risks than the typical brick and mortar company.

    Putting the trash out on the curb is one example of this. ¬†At a typical office complex, many companies share a single trash container that only owners or employees can access.When you work from home, garbage from your home and business end up together in one container. Unfortunately, thieves can easily access your trash bin when you place it out for weekly collection. In less than a minute, someone could have access to your company’s bank account numbers, customer information, and other highly sensitive data. This makes identity theft a real possibility. To avoid this from happening to you, shred all documents before placing them in the trash or wait to place the can at the curb until shortly before pick-up.

    Why Professional Security is Essential for Home-Based Businesses

    As a self-employed business person, you likely have several thousand dollars worth of equipment in your home. Digital cameras, laptop and desktop computers, cellular phones, printers, and even inventory are all attractive to would-be thieves. Yet, many sole proprietors or limited liability partnerships don’t give security a second thought. At a minimum, you should consider installing a security camera to catch burglars on camera and an intrusion alarm system that notifies local police if the alarm is tripped.

    If anyone else has access to your computer systems, you must create and distribute a digital information policy. This document should clearly state who has permission to use the devices, guidelines for creating and changing passwords, whether it’s okay to connect other devices to your main system, and how to handle email attachments that come from an unknown source. If either you or your staff travel for work, be sure to use a common-sense approach on the road. This includes securing your electronics at all times and taking extra precautions when using a computer in a public location.

    Certain Types of Businesses Face a Greater Risk

    Anyone who operates a business at home has security risks, but the nature of some types of businesses make their owners especially vulnerable. Three of the riskiest types of in-home business include:

    • Daycare Provider: Even the most vigilant childcare provider can turn around for a second and have a toddler wander into the street. Kids also like to explore and don’t recognize danger like adults do. Products such as an invisible fence for your yard or a door alarm for areas where potentially hazardous materials are stored can avert a tragic accident.
    • Lawyer: If you work some or all of the time from home, you could find yourself the target of people who have a score to settle. To protect yourself from intimidation or physical harm, consider installing a motion detector and putting a fence around your yard. You can further secure enhance security by requiring a code to get past the fence or having an alarm sound if someone tries to tamper with it.
    • Pharmaceutical Representative: When people are addicted to prescription drugs, they will do almost anything to get them. This includes home invasion if they know you have a supply. A security camera, motion detector, outside alarms, and an intrusion detection system can keep both you and your products safe.

    Regardless of the type of business you run from home, Dynamark Security in Richmond offers the protection you need. Please contact us to schedule a home-based business security evaluation today.