Richmond Home Security Myth-Busting

Richmond Home Security Myth-Busting

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  • Richmond Home SecurityProbably most of us feel that we are pretty well aware of the habits of burglars and what they’re after, but you might be surprised to learn that Richmond home security statistics bear out some facts that most homeowners are likely unaware of. This discussion will center around four facts about burglars that are not commonly known, and which may be of value to you in helping you to protect your home against their incursions.

    Myth #1 – You are unlikely to be victimized by a burglary

    Statistics compiled in 2010 tell us that roughly every 15 seconds someone’s home was victimized by a burglar, which makes it obvious that these thefts are growing, not diminishing in number. The vast majority of all thefts occurred within residential areas, to the tune of nearly 75%, and of these 47% occurred in the South, 21% in the Midwest, and another 21% in the far West. Only about 11% of all burglaries for the sample year victimized residences in the Northeast.

    Myth #2 – The timing of burglaries favors nightfall

    The most popular months for burglaries were the summer months of July and August, probably due to the fact that those are the traditional vacation months, and it’s much easier to victimize a home when all residents are away for an extended period of time. While you might think that the majority of burglaries were perpetrated under cover of nightfall, the opposite is actually true – for the year sampled, there were approximately 822,000 burglaries which took place during the daytime, while only 444,000 occurred at night.

    Myth #3 – Home security systems are not enough to prevent burglaries

    While it’s true that some homes which have security systems installed are still victimized by determined burglars, in the vast majority of cases, some kind of alarm or security system does seem to be sufficient to deter home robberies. In fact, many convicted burglars who were interviewed on the subject, have confirmed that they completely disqualify a home with this kind of protection as being not worth the trouble.

    While more sophisticated burglars may be able to disarm or otherwise bypass a home security system, in general robbers will avoid any home which they find equipped with an alarm or security system. No matter what the expected reward inside might be, the prospect of being detected by an electronic burglar buster will usually send a thief packing, and on to a less well protected home.

    Myth #4 – The back door is the most common entry point for a burglary

    The type of home preferred by burglars were single-family homes situated in the middle of a block. For whatever reason, corner homes are not as inviting to burglars, nor are two-story homes. The most commonly used points of entry for burglars were front doors, at 34% of all occurrences. Front windows provided the needed access in 23% of burglaries, while only 22% used the back door to get in. It’s not surprising that the average time allotted to a theft is between eight and 12 minutes, since the perpetrator is always looking to make a hasty exit, and the room most commonly rifled is the master bedroom, since that is the likeliest place to find expensive jewelry.

    Knowing the facts about Richmond home security will better prepare you to make wise decisions about protecting your home.  If you’d like a comprehensive (and free) home security consultation, contact us today to make an appointment.