Why You Need to Arm Your Alarm During the Day

Why You Need to Arm Your Alarm During the Day

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  • Many people purchase a home security system so that they can sleep better at night, but the fact is that one of the most important reasons to have an alarm system is so that you can turn it on during the day.

    A lot of people say, “Well gosh, I’m really just concerned about my personal safety. I’m not so much worried about my stuff getting stolen.”

    However, the truth is the most important time for you to protect yourself using an alarm system is when you’re away from home. That may sound really weird, but think about it: If you’re at home and somebody tries to break in in the middle of the night, you’re probably going to hear them. You’re probably going to scream. They may even scream, and they’re probably going to leave.

    You should definitely turn your alarm system on at night in your home. There’s no question about that. It’s what gives you peace of mind.

    But the other scenario is you go to work, you decide to come home for lunch one day or something happens where you have to come home, and you walk back in on some idiot that’s still in your house that broke in the backdoor while you’re coming in the front door or your garage door.

    Then you’re face to face with a burglar, between them and their only way out. That is a more dangerous situation, potentially, than someone trying to come in while you’re there.

    In fact, we just spoke to a customer of ours last week, who lives in a nice neighborhood in Richmond. They typically go to work at 8:00 a.m. and come home at 5:00 p.m. One day recently, they decided they needed to come home for something, and got home around noon.

    When they arrived home, they found their home had been burglarized.  Fortunately the person was not still in their home, but the burglar had busted in a back door and really made a mess of their house, and had stolen a lot of stuff. That person doesn’t know if they got home five minutes before the burglar left, or three or four hours before the burglar left. We’re just really glad that they didn’t walk in on the burglar.

    That is a perfect example of why it’s so important to turn your system on when you leave your home.

    Our philosophy is if you are leaving your home and you’re going to lock your door–which most people do even if they go to the grocery store for 30 minutes–why wouldn’t you turn on your alarm system?

    Whether you use Dynamark Security or someone else, we think it’s just so important that if you leave your home, if you’re concerned enough that you’re locking your door, you should turn on your alarm system.  With all due respect to our friends the locksmiths, if someone wants to come into your home, the lock is not going to work. If locks worked, then we’d be doing something different, right?

    A lock is simply not going to keep somebody out. If they want to come in, they’re coming in. If you’re going to lock your door, you might as well turn your alarm system on, and by doing so you’ll protect both your property and your piece of mind.