Maintaining Home Security During & After Remodeling Projects

Maintaining Home Security During & After Remodeling Projects

Home Remodeling
  • Home RemodelingSummer is often the ideal time for major projects around the home because of nicer weather and longer daylight hours. Whether you are having your bathroom renovated or your basement finished, any remodeling project puts your home and family at risk for burglary or unwelcome intruders.

    With a revolving door of contractors, construction workers, and other people coming in and out of your home it can feel impossible to “vet” everyone. If your renovation project involves exposed walls, there is a heightened threat to home security.

    There are many steps you can take to reinforce home and family safety throughout a renovation project and Dynamark Security can help.

    Hire reputable contractors

    Take the time to find a reputable contractor. An official background check might not be practical, but take the time to get referrals from friends and family. Make sure the contractor’s credentials are official and up-to-date.

    Ask the contractor about their employment process. Not only do you want to ensure the contractor is reputable, you want to make sure they hire trustworthy workers and sub-contractors.

    As the contractor puts together the plans for your home project, ask them for tips to improve home security throughout the project. Ask what plans or steps they intend to take to ensure your home, family, and property are safe throughout the renovation.

    Security cameras

    A home surveillance system allows you to keep an eye on your home and monitor workers. Installing extra security cameras is especially helpful if you are not able to be onsite the entire time workers are in and around your home.

    Security cameras are a deterrent from unwanted behavior on their own. Having cameras around the worksite also allows you to review what happened should there be an accident or anything become damaged or missing.

    If you already have a security camera system in your home, make sure the new construction does not create blind spots. You may need to move existing cameras or add new cameras.

    Update your security system

    If you are tearing down or changing walls in any capacity, it may affect your home security system. Contact your provider to assess the potential impact and consider your options.

    If your construction or renovation project requires the electricity to be turned off for an extended amount of time, consider a backup option. A wireless home security system is not hardwired into the home’s electrical system.

    If you are building an addition, adding doors or windows, or making other significant changes to the exterior, make sure to update your exterior security measures. Add necessary alarm sensors and to all doors and windows.

    Consult with your security provider during and after the renovation project to make any necessary changes to your security system. It is far easier to install and upgrade security systems as you go than to add the necessary upgrades after the project is complete. One of the many benefits of using a local security provider is their availability to make appropriate changes to your system throughout the construction project.

    Secure your valuables

    During the renovation, secure your valuables—not just your high-priced or sentimental belongings. Place sensitive documents, valuables, jewelry, and special belongings in a lockbox or safe that is bolted down (burglars can easily carry off an entire safe if it is not bolted down).

    If the project involves opening outside walls that could leave your home exposed to intruders, consider placing the valuables in a safety deposit box at a bank or store larger items that are difficult to secure in a storage unit.

    Install a video doorbell

    A video doorbell allows you to monitor everyone coming in and out of your home. They are equipped with motion sensors, HD cameras, a microphone, and speaker so you can see and interact with each person who comes to your door.

    Video doorbells are especially useful if you cannot be onsite while construction is ongoing. Most of us have busy lives that cannot be put on hold to stay at home through an entire renovation project.

    Smart locks and garage doors

    Smart locks and smart garage door controllers are keen investments during and after the renovation project. Smart locks allow you to set times for your doors to be locked or unlocked, preventing workers or intruders from coming and going outside of working hours.

    Smart locks also allow you to track each time the door is locked or unlocked and give you the ability to lock or unlock doors remotely. You can even give contractors unique entry codes to track everyone coming and going.

    After the construction project is complete, simply change all the codes and don’t stress about anyone having a copy of your house key.

    A smart garage door allows you to open and close your garage door remotely. This may be more practical for some construction projects and is a great addition to your overall home security even after the project is complete. Garage doors are often a weak point in a home’s security.

    Cleanliness matters

    Burglars love to case construction sites for expensive construction equipment left unattended overnight. Make sure the construction crew cleans up the work site each night, storing equipment under lock-and-key or taking everything with them.

    Not only will this habit promote safety on the worksite, it also prevents unwanted attention from local burglars looking for easy targets. Don’t be afraid to talk to your contractor about his cleanup routine and expectations.

    Add motion lights

    Nothing makes a burglar feel more exposed than motion sensor lights. Consider installing motion lights around the construction zone to send a clear message that you are on top of your security, even during a major renovation.

    If you already have motion lights, make sure the new construction does not block the lighting or create dark spaces around your home. You may need to move or add more exterior lights.

    There are always security risks attached to major construction or renovation projects in your home. With these easy steps, Dynamark Security can help you minimize or eliminate most of the risks. The added benefit is that these security measures continue to provide home security long after the project is complete!