Is Your Home Secure? Take our Home Security Quiz to Find Out!

Is Your Home Secure? Take our Home Security Quiz to Find Out!

Home Security Quiz
  • Home Security QuizAre you worried about your home security? If you are, you’re not alone! Many people worry that their home, family, and expensive possessions are not safe while they are out. Whether you are at work, running errands, or on vacation, being away from home gives a burglar a chance to gain access to the most important things in your life. So, take this home security quiz to find out if your valuables are safe right now! At the end there will be tips on how to improve your home security.


    1. Where is your home located?
      A. Urban area
      B. Suburban area
      C. Rural area
    2. Do you lock your doors and windows before leaving your home?
      A. Always
      B. Sometimes
      C. Rarely or never
    3. Do you have a home security system?
      A. Yes
      B. No
      C. No, but plan to have one installed in the next 6 months
    4. Do you pay for professional security monitoring?
      A. Yes
      B. No
      C. No, but plan to do so in the next 6 months
    5. Do you have a dog?
      A. Yes, a small breed dog
      B. Yes, a large breed dog
      C. No
    6. Does your home have security landscaping (thorny shrubs or hedges, spiked tree varieties, cacti, rose bushes, etc.)?
      A. Yes – many varieties
      B. Yes – one variety
      C. No
    7. Do you have neighbors that stay home during the day (stay-at-home moms, retired people, home business owners, etc.)?
      A. Many
      B. Some
      C. Not many
    8. Do you lock up cash, expensive jewelry, important paperwork, firearms/weapons, family heirlooms, and other valuables?
      A. Yes – in a heavy duty fireproof safe
      B. Yes – in a portable fire resistant lock box
      C. No

    Home Security Quiz Scoring:

    Score yourself using the following answer key:

    1. A – 2, B – 1, C – 3

    (Key Takeaway: Urban areas are typically assumed to be the most dangerous, but burglary statistics nationwide show that suburban homes are actually at the highest risk for burglar because they are easier from criminals to target inconspicuously.)

    1. A – 3, B – 2, C – 1
    2. A – 3, B – 1, C – 2
    3. A – 3, B – 1, C – 2
    4. A – 3, B – 2, C – 1

    (Key Takeaway: Many people assume that large breed dogs keep homes safer than smaller dogs, but professional burglars often report that the yippy nature of small breed dogs are more of a deterrent than large breed dogs that may actually be quieter and have a calmer disposition.)

    1. A – 3, B – 2, C – 1
    2. A – 3, B – 2, C – 1
    3. A – 3, B – 2, C – 1

    Home Security Quiz Results:

    Total Score of 24: Excellent Home Protection

    As far as your home is concerned, you are doing everything right to protect your family and valuable belongings. Keep up this excellent effort by taking health safety courses (first aid, CPR, etc.) and installing car safety features (backup cameras, in-car Bluetooth, etc.) to protect your family on the go as well!

    Total Score of 17-23: Good Home Protection

    You are doing a lot of things right already, but there’s still room for improvement. Make sure that you are utilizing a security system and monitoring as well as following home security best practices. Always take the time to secure your home properly before leaving, especially if your home is at a higher risk for burglary or break-in.

    Total Score of 8-16: Poor Home Protection

    There are some elements of your home that you will not be able to change (like its location or the makeup of your neighbors) but there is a lot more that you can control. Without stepping up your home security efforts, your valuables will continue to be extremely vulnerable. Contact Dynamark Security of Richmond right away to find out what can be done to keep your home and its contents safe. There is no time to waste!