How to Test Your LYNX Touch Security System

How to Test Your LYNX Touch Security System

Honeywell Lynx Touch
  • Honeywell Lynx TouchYour security system is keeping your family safe every day, so it just makes sense to conduct regular tests to ensure that it’s functioning properly. Should the worst case scenario occur, you want to know that your security system will do what it’s meant to do. The best way to keep your LYNX Touch Security System performing at peak condition is to test it once a week.

    Here’s a rundown of the instructions for conducting a weekly systems test:

    First, you must disarm your LYNX security system and check to make sure that all of the protected doors and windows are properly closed. At this point, the system’s “READY” light will be illuminated.

    On the control pad, scroll to the second page of the Home screen and select the “Tools” icon, where you’ll be prompted to enter your 4-digit Master User Code. Next, choose the “Test” icon, and then the Test screen will come up.

    Now, you can choose either the “Walk Test” or the “Dialer Test” icon; if you choose to run the Dialer test, either the test will be successful immediately, or it will show you a Reporter Failure message.

    If that message appears, you should call your service provider as soon as possible.

    When you run the Walk test, you’ll be testing each of the protected doors and windows in your home. To do this:

    Open each window or door, in turn, waiting to hear three beeps from your control panel and if it’s programmed, notification from the zone’s Voice Descriptor. Every faulted protection point that you open should be shown on your control display, and the display should clear when you close the open door or window.

    If you use interior motion detectors, take a moment to walk in front of them; listen for the three beeps and the voice descriptor if you’ve programmed your system to use that. Again, the display on your control panel will clear as soon as no motion is detected.

    It’s also vital that you test your smoke detectors as well. Just follow the detectors’ manufacturer’s instructions. When the detector is activated, there should be some notification on your control panel’s display screen.

    As soon as you complete all the steps of the test, you can enter an Off sequence on your control panel.

    Should your system be compromised at any point, be sure to contact your security service provider immediately.

    If you need any assistance with your security system or if you’re ready for an upgrade, Dynamark Security of Richmond will be happy to help! Contact us today!