How To Protect Your Home While On Vacation Or During Holiday Travel

How To Protect Your Home While On Vacation Or During Holiday Travel

  • You return home from vacation or visiting relatives over the holidays to a house that has been broken into. Home break-ins can not only require expensive repairs but can also cause great distress and inconvenience. With Fall coming and family visits out of town likely, there are some things homeowners can do to help prevent these types of issues.

    Leave a Vehicle in the Driveway

    Leave a vehicle in the driveway if your family has more than one car. It helps deter would-be thieves if they see a vehicle in front of your home. Park in a conspicuous location so that a passerby can see it. If you only have one car and a neighbor is willing, have them park their second vehicle in your driveway.

    Avoid Posting or Sharing Your Travel Plans on Social Media

    People like to post their travels and adventures online. Doing this may give thieves all the information they need to feel comfortable breaking into your home. Keep your plans to your family and close friends. Post those pics when you return!

    Don’t Change Schedules

    Keep cleaning service, lawn service, and other regulars stopping by. You want to keep your home looking busy to ward off any unwanted visitors.

    Protect Your Valuables

    Obviously, you will want to put valuables such as jewelry, laptop computers, and portable items of value away to keep them safe while you travel. It’s a good idea to have a fireproof safe for important documents as well as family pictures.

    Have Someone Check-In on Your Home

    Have a family member, trusted neighbor, or friend keep an eye on your home while you are gone. Have them bring in packages to prevent porch pirates from striking and keep the home looking occupied.

    Use Home Automation

    Companies such as offer the ability to set home automation rules to turn on connected lights or outlets, inside and outside. The option to randomize the lights is also available to give the house a more lived-in look while you are away.

    The Best Protection for Your Home

    If you want true peace of mind for your home, the best plan is to have a home security system. The systems range from the very basic to systems with motion detectors, cameras, window and door sensors, and glass break detectors, smoke, fire, and water detection. Video doorbells are available that can be answered from anywhere that you have cell phone service giving the impression that you may be home.

    The customization with home automation is nearly endless, and 24-hour monitoring makes the police and fire response just minutes away. Contact us to have a security expert provide options and a free quote.