Home security systems in Richmond, VA. Who’s unequalled in value?

Home security systems in Richmond, VA. Who’s unequalled in value?

  • Dynamark Security is unmatched when looking for home security systems in Richmond VA!

    Home security systems in Richmond, VA are not created equal. It’s true, and I really want to expand on what sets Dynamark Security of Richmond, Inc. apart from other home security systems in Richmond, VA.  A lot of people see strength in doing business with a large national company. And I get that – they’re worried about a small local company going out of business or simply not having the resources to give good, fast service if and when they may need service.  Or they think the big national company -like an “ADT” – will have the latest greatest technologies and the small company won’t.  Or people see all of the ads on TV and think wow, they must be the best because look at all of these ads.  Conversely, I think if given a choice, most people really would like to do business with a local company regardless of the product or service they may need at the time – whether it’s a security system, pest control company or lawn care service.  Buying local makes sense on many levels if you know the company is going to be around to take care of you.  If you call their office, you’re not calling across the country or out of the country;  with Dynamark, you’re calling an office right here in Richmond.  You are also calling a security company that has been in business here in the Richmond area for over 30 years.  My gosh, we’ve been in the same building for almost 25 years and we own the building!  I don’t think we’re going anywhere. I’ll talk more on this topic later but having been in the business myself for over 30 years, I think the large national companies have really changed a lot – especially in the past 5-8 years.  It’s almost like they are not really in the security business any more.  They are really just more in the sales business – security systems just happen to be the vehicle to drive the business.  The business model seems to be, sell as many  alarm systems as you can, sell them as fast as you can and then install them as fast as you can – and do this with much less regard for system design and installation quality than companies used to require.  And I’m not suggesting you take my word for this – just google comments on the company of your choice and check out the BBB website.  What you will find is an obvious customer service problem and multiple complaints about aggressive or deceptive sales practices – and you’ll see this about several companies.  There is just no question in my mind that the business model where an “authorized dealer” sells and installs a system and then sells that customer’s contract back to a bigger company like an “ADT” or a “Monotronics” or a “Vector” – leads to overly zealous sales people, poor system design and sloppy installations.  I am not saying every “authorized dealer” operates this way, but let’s face it – if a company makes its money by selling its customer’s contracts, then their goal is numbers and numbers done fast.  Their focus is not long term customer satisfaction.

    With Dynamark Security of Richmond, our customers really get the best of both worlds.  As mentioned, we are locally owned for over 30 years, but we have the support of the Dynamark Corporate office in Hagerstown, Md.  That’s where our 24 hour central monitoring station is located and it really is a world class monitoring station that I believe is second to none!  They are just so dedicated to their purpose – protecting homes and families – businesses too of course – from potential tragedies like burglary and fire.  And they do that by offering great products through their distribution center, new technologies, technical support, training programs in house and by outside vendors, business consultation if we want or need it and course, the monitoring station.  Dynamark Monitoring, Inc. is  monitoring all of our great customers so they have a lot invested in my company.  So when I say my company gives my customers “peace of mind”, I really mean it – it’s the peace of mind knowing their home and family is protected by a professionally installed high quality security system, designed by an industry veteran working with a local company that has been in business for over 30 years supported by another team of professionals who is dedicated to getting help to that family at the precise time they need it.  And here at Dynamark Security of Richmond, we don’t sell our customer’s contract.  We want our customers to be our customers for life.  The only way that will happen is if we give great ongoing service.

    Here is the long and short of it – I don’t believe any company offers a better value in home security than Dynamark Security of Richmond.  The combination of 30 years of experience, a free basic system price (by the way, obviously a 36 month contract is required to get the free system), high quality equipment from Honeywell and GE, professional custom installation and an ongoing commitment to excellent customer service makes Dynamark the right choice for a home security system. And no one is going to try harder to make and keep our customers happy.  Do we make mistakes?  Sure we do because everybody does.  But we fix them.  We are going to make it right.  Our motto – every single customer we have is the single most important customer we have. Dynamark Security your security company for Home security systems Richmond, VA.