Home Automation Trends for 2017

Home Automation Trends for 2017

home automation trends
  • home automation trendsAs technology continues to steadily evolve, more and more tech innovations are finding their way into our homes. From voice-operated hubs and smart appliances to effortless security solutions, more tasks are being automated, bringing us many more benefits and new tech toys to enjoy.  Here are some of the top home automation trends for 2017, many of which are available through Dynamark Security of Richmond.

    Seamless Cooperation and Interconnectivity

    With several companies releasing in-home technology last year, it’s a wonder every home isn’t covered in screens by now. However, many estimate the trend is actually due to overtake this year. The reason? Tech companies are finally landing on the same page. So many new innovations were released last year like Amazon’s Alexa hub, which serves as a voice-operated digital assistant and can sync with phones, computers, and other devices. Other 2016 innovations range from smart kitchen appliances to smart home security systems.

    The issue lies in the fact that these offerings are typically from a wide range of companies such as Amazon and Apple, that aren’t necessarily compatible with each other, leading to several smart devices with no connectivity between them. This year, industry experts estimate these devices and innovations will come together to be controlled by one element, leading to the seamless cooperation of in-home technology.

    Smart Kitchens

    What if you could preheat your oven and customize it for certain meals from your phone? For example, what if you need to bake two chicken breasts for dinner, and need the oven preheated to 400 degrees ASAP, but you’re on a conference call upstairs? With a smart kitchen, this is easily do-able.

    Additionally, new appliances like smart refrigerators have the ability to not only track the quantity of food in your fridge but the quality as well. You can even receive assessments of your food’s freshness based on the length of time the item spent in the fridge. Smart kitchens have a very bright and trendy outlook in 2017 with new and traditional companies alike racing to incorporate as much convenience as possible into their appliances.

    Remote Control

    No, we’re not referring to your typical TV remote control. We’re talking about the ability to control several features of your home remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This innovative technology has seen a huge push over the past few years and is estimated to be an essential part of a tech-filled home in 2017.

    Systems that currently benefit from remote control are security, garage, lighting, and thermostat systems. In 2017, more aspects like smart kitchen integration are expected to boost the remote control trend for smarter, more dynamic ways to manage the household.

    Intelligent and Innovative Security

    Innovative security isn’t only a huge trend in home automation, but a constantly evolving trend in home safety overall. Intelligent home security has been rising and improving in recent years and is expected to provide big benefits in 2017.

    These dynamic systems let you monitor your home via smartphones, tablets, and computers while away by utilizing wireless and internet enabled systems. This way, homeowners can check their security cameras and closely watch the home while on vacation, at work, or while a babysitter is in. Alternatively, this tech also allows for instant notifications of changes that occur around the home while owners are away.

    While we await this year’s new must-haves for home automation technology, it’s a great idea to see what current tech you can already implement into your home for smarter, safer, and more convenient management. To learn more about how Dynamark Security of Richmond can help you with the latest home automation trends in 2017, contact us today to ensure your home is future-ready!