Halloween Home Security Tips

Halloween Home Security Tips

halloween home security tips
  • halloween home security tipsHalloween time can be one of the most fun times of the year, for kids both young and old. The young in age of course, love the opportunity to dress up in fantastic costumes and masks, and campaign door-to-door for free candies and other treats. The young at heart enjoy the season as much if not more, because it’s a great time to throw a party, whether it’s at work or at someone’s home.

    With all that good feeling surrounding the day however, it can be the perfect time for burglars to strike, and make off with valuable household assets. All the activity going on outside people’s homes can provide the perfect cover for burglars, and all they have to do is blend in with all the other costumed street people to have their actions go unnoticed.

    To make things even easier, it’s fairly obvious to a burglar who is home handing out treats, and who is not home at all, providing the ideal opportunity for an unscheduled guest. This makes for an increased risk of home burglary during Halloween, and it calls for increased vigilance on the part of homeowners. Here are five Halloween home security tips that you can follow to stay safe.

    Protect your property

    If you will be away from home on Halloween, make sure your home is well-lit, both inside and out. This will discourage would-be thieves from targeting your home, and may convince them to go after some house less well highlighted. If you own a garage, it would be a good idea to park your car inside it, so that no harm can be done to your vehicle by pranksters. Also, make sure your windows and doors are locked throughout the evening, even if you are home.

    Make use of a home security system

    Your home alarm should be activated all day and all evening around this time of year, due to the increased risk of theft. With so many people abroad on the streets in the darkness, burglars could potentially be any person among them, other than the obviously very young trick-or-treaters. As an additional preventive measure, make sure your home alarm signs are easy to see and well-lit, so a would-be thief knows better than to choose a protected home.

    Maximize use of security cameras

    It’s probably a good idea to train your security cameras on the windows and doors of your home, as well as on the sidewalks and streets in the immediate vicinity of your home. Knowing what’s happening around your house well before it happens can be all the time you need to prevent something unpleasant from happening. Most burglars are savvy enough to check for cameras, and when they see the lens pointed right at potential entry points, it should be enough to change their minds.

    Install and use timer lights

    It’s a good idea, especially if you intend to be away from home on Halloween, to install and set timer lights in various rooms to be triggered at different times. This will give the impression that people are home, and that rooms are in use. Since burglars seldom target homes where residents are known to be home, this will act as a good deterrent.

    Integrate your cell phone with home security

    If you integrate your cell phone with your home security system, you can monitor activity at home no matter where you are. You can also set it up so that you receive alerts if anything appears amiss around home, and the peace of mind factor alone is worth whatever the cost might be for this kind of configuration.

    If you currently do not have a home security system and would like to see what the options are, contact Dynamark Security of Richmond today to schedule a free in-home security consultation.