NOTE: After over a decade as a leader in the home security industry, in September of 2019 Interlogix (formerly GE Security) made a surprise announcement that they were shutting down by the end of the year.  Although new products from Interlogix will no longer be available, Dynamark Security will continue to offer support to customers with Interlogix equipment, such as Concord and Simon control panels. Click here for more information.

Interlogix Simon XT Control Panels

Simon XT offers homeowners up to 40 zones of fire and burglary protection in addition to a built-in illuminated display touchpad with a two-way talking touch screen. You can monitor your home’s activity in real time with Simon XT’s remote monitoring, and you can control your lighting remotely as well. Simon XT’s very loud piezo siren notifies everyone in the home if there’s a security breach, and homeowners can summon police, medical or fire assistance via the control panel’s emergency fast-action keys.

Interlogix Concord Control Panels

Concord systems are suitable for residential and business use, and their scalability allows them to grow as your business grows. Available in wired and wireless options, Concord offers a variety of features, including notification of security breaches, door and window sensors, motion sensors, smoke and heat detectors, environmental sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors. You can configure your system to your specifications, ensuring that you’ll have the level of security you require. The Concord 4 is flexible and easy to install for both residential and commercial customers; the Concord Express offers homeowners and businesses as many as 24 zones of fire and burglary protection.

Interlogix AdvisorOne

Homeowners, as well as small business owners, will benefit from installing a wireless, self-contained AdvisorOne panel. With up to 100 zones of detection, IP cameras that communicate with the panel, and 24-hour safety over 8 partitions, AdvisorOne will ensure that your home or business is secure. Additionally, the panel’s constant monitoring for smoke, carbon monoxide, and heat will keep your family or your employees safe from disaster. The panel features a full-color integrated touch screen, offering users a variety of apps, such as news, traffic, weather, and more.

Interlogix NetworX Lineup

The NetworX lineup features four different options that range from 4 to 192 zones of protection, making it suitable for residences and businesses alike. A combination of wired and wireless features work with the control panel, or the “brain” of your security system, allowing it to be modified to meet your custom security requirements.

The NX-4 is the entry-level system and is a cost-effective solution for apartments or small homes or businesses. With a standard four zones, it can expand to eight.

At the other end of the spectrum is the NX-8, which can span between 8 and 192 zones; it’s a top-of-the-line system for homes and businesses that have more demanding security needs, and who might require more keypads for more users.

Interlogix TruVision Line

Primarily created for commercial operations, the TruVision line offers businesses the ability to enhance their security measures through digital monitoring; the TruVision cameras, recorders, monitors, and interfaces are a cost-effective but secure and scalable method of leveling up your security. The IP quality is excellent, regardless of the lighting conditions, and TruVision’s TVR Mobile HD offers you live viewing of video feed for up to 16 channels anytime, anywhere. The system is easily installed and completely scalable, allowing your security to grow with your business.