Frontpoint vs ADT vs Dynamark

Frontpoint vs ADT vs Dynamark

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  • Security systems play an important role in protecting your home and family. While these necessary systems are implemented by a variety of companies, it can be a real challenge deciding which one is right for you. Luckily, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you compare Frontpoint vs ADT vs Dynamark Security of Richmond.


    Frontpoint is a relative newcomer to the home security business having been operating for only ten years (compared to over 30 years for Dynamark and ADT). What sets Frontpoint apart from competitors is their DIY attitude; meaning, instead of sending technicians out to professionally install your system, they give you the tools and instructions to set it up yourself. The company claims this process is easy and efficient, taking around 30 minutes.

    Pros of choosing Frontpoint

    • DIY—For more hands-on homeowners, the DIY set-up style of Frontpoint security systems will be appealing.  As long as they know what they’re doing, this approach could work, but on the other hand there won’t be anyone to double-check that the installation was completed correctly.
    • Contract length— With ADT, the typical contract length is around three years for select plans. With Frontpoint, the contracts can range from one to three years, giving homeowners a little more flexibility in terms of contract length.

    Cons of choosing Frontpoint

    • DIY—Alternatively, those who prefer that highly experienced professionals install the system in their home may find Frontpoint’s do-it-yourself method a daunting challenge.
    • Fees—With Frontpoint’s installation, there are typically fees associated with activation alone. These fees are often mirrored by competitors, however, the competitors also include professional installation by an experienced technician, whereas Frontpoint’s fees do not include this benefit.


    With a nationwide service area and longevity on their side, ADT has long been the popular choice for home security systems. With over 6 million customers, ADT makes around $3.4 billion per year and is the largest security company to date. However, with such a large customer base, large companies like ADT often struggle regarding customer service and support.

    Pros of choosing ADT

    • Longevity—Homeowners that value tradition may lean more toward the choice of ADT home security systems, as the company has been operating the longest in the United States.
    • Low-Maintenance—ADT can be a good fit for those who don’t need to contact customer service and support often, and those who prefer tried and true security technology compared to newer methods.

    Cons of choosing ADT

    • Lack of personal attention—Homeowners who would be more comfortable working with smaller, attentive companies may find ADT and its customer service and support a bit impersonal since the company operates nationwide with over 6 million customers to manage.
    • Quality of independent ADT dealers varies widely–ADT authorizes independent dealers to install their security systems.  Some of these companies are very reputable and deliver good service; others are not.  It’s up to the consumer to research the company who will actually install their ADT security system.  The problem is that many consumers see the ADT logo in a company’s marketing materials or advertisements and incorrectly assume they are dealing directly with ADT, when this is not the case.

    Dynamark Security of Richmond

    Dynamark Security of Richmond is a locally-operated security company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and offers safety and security features that hold their own against ADT systems (and in some cases, actually use the same equipment). Our longevity rests between Frontpoint and ADT, with over 30 years of service in central Virginia. Dynamark also utilizes Honeywell equipment in many installations (like ADT) and offers design, installation, and monitoring services as well.

    Pros of choosing Dynamark

    • Dynamic monitoring—Dynamark provides dynamic monitoring backed by a local 24-hour monitoring station to ensure the constant safety of its users.
    • Personalized service—Additionally, Dynamark also provides much more personable and attentive support for its customers, as it operates on a smaller, local scale. Customer support is a priority for Dynamark, and it is raved about online by the company’s many customers. Whenever there is an issue, an agent can be reached at any time and will ensure a technician is sent out as soon as possible within 24 hours to remedy any situation.

    Cons of choosing Dynamark

    • Smaller scale—Unlike ADT and Frontpoint home security systems, Dynamark Security of Richmond operates on a smaller local scale. So while the company is proactive and efficient in terms of safety and support,  we are only available to potential customers in the central Virginia region at this time.

    The variety of choices available in home security systems— including Frontpoint, ADT, and Dynamark— certainly provide difficult yet valuable choices to prospective customers, with each option offering their own set of benefits and setbacks. Homeowners who value the safety of bigger names like ADT but desire the service and support of more local and personable companies, however, would find the best choice in Dynamark. Contact us today so we can ensure your home remains safe and secure.