Four Ways a Smartphone can Improve Your Home Security

Four Ways a Smartphone can Improve Your Home Security

  • SmartphoneInterfacing your smartphone with your home security system adds to the capabilities you get out of your system. It’s not just peace of mind, but convenience. There are so many things that can be done through your smartphone that integrates with your home security.  Get the most out of your system with these four ways that improve the way your home security system works.

    Monitor Who Comes and Goes in Your Home

    With your smartphone, you have the power to unlock the door when you aren’t home. You can even set up the system to unlock at a certain time, for instance, when your housekeeper comes by or when your kids come home. If you need to let a repair technician in when you’re away from home, just let them in using your phone. The smartphone can be connected to the doorbell and your security camera at the front door, so you can see who is there. Even if you aren’t home, make someone think you are.

    In addition to monitoring your door, you can get rid of your keys hiding under the doormat. Don’t worry about kids losing their keys. Just unlock the door from your phone. If you need to  let a neighbor bring a package inside or give your kids access when you aren’t around, it’s simple and easy to just open the door no matter where you are.

    Save Money on Utilities

    Control the temperature and lights of your home from your smartphone. Turn the AC up when you leave, then when you’re on your way back, lower the temperature so it’s more comfortable when you walk in. This lets you have even more control over the thermostat. You can also turn the lights on or off to give the impression that you’re home, even when you’re gone. If you forget to turn off the lights, you won’t need to turn around and go back. Just turn them off from your phone.

    Monitor Your Security Cameras

    When your smartphone and security system is connected, you can check the cameras in real time, wherever you are. If you have teenagers home alone for the evening, you can make sure they’re home alone. Watch a babysitter or nanny with your children to see what happens when you’re not around. Check in on pets during the day to verify for yourself that they’re really fine when you aren’t at home.

    Arm the System

    If you’ve ever forgotten whether you’ve armed the system or not after you’ve left, you’ll appreciate the ability to arm and disarm the security system from your phone. You can take care of business from your phone without having to share a passcode with a neighbor or friend who needs to get into your home. When you’re in a rush to get out the door, you won’t have to mess with the security system. Set it when you get to your destination on time.

    Use the Technology to Simplify your Life

    Take advantage of the technology available to you to enjoy less stress when it comes to the safety of your family and your home. It makes sense to integrate your home security system with your smartphone. You may not physically be in your home, but it won’t be unattended.