Five Ways to Burglar Proof Your Windows

Five Ways to Burglar Proof Your Windows

burglar in window
  • burglar in windowAs a homeowner you may be diligent about burglar proofing your doors, yet did you know that your windows are also vulnerable? It’s important to realize that this is a viable point of entry, yet in many homes they go unprotected. Here are five ways to burglar proof your windows to provide more safety to your home.

    Replace Window Panes with Reinforced Glass

    There are several types of reinforced glass with which you can replace your existing window panes, however not all are practical and cost effective. The least expensive option is tempered glass which is 4 to 5 times stronger than untreated glass. Not only is it safer for your family in that if it is broken it won’t cause injury, but it will be more difficult for a burglar to break.

    Another option is to use laminated glass which has an inner layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or other material that holds the glass together when broken. Again it will not shatter and is more difficult for a burglar to break through quickly and quietly.

    Install Window Alarms

    There are several window alarms on the market today that are inexpensive and effective. These alarms rely on magnetic sensors or light beams to know when a window is opened. Some alarms even have motion detectors for outside the windows and detect movement before the burglar can even cut into or break a window.

    There are also alarms that will detect when windows are cut, hit, or broken. Many of these sensors are wireless and easy to install. If you have a whole house alarm system your windows should be wired into that system to alert you of entry (all monitored alarm systems installed by Dynamark Security have this capability).

    Install Window Locks

    Window locks are a great option for burglar proofing your windows. Even if a window is unlocked, or open a bit, they prevent anyone from opening the window further. This can allow you to have fresh air coming in and still feel safe. It’s also a great way to protect your children from opening a window and falling out.

    Security locks that are visible to a burglar are even more of a deterrent. Burglars would rather not break windows but simply open them and climb in and out. Window pin locks are a great option as are vinyl window locks. These can be bought for as little as $2.50 a piece and provide that extra security you may be searching for.

    Install Lights Around Windows

    Outdoor lights are a great burglar deterrent because intruders don’t want to be seen. Lights can be motion-censored or on timers to go on at night and off during the day. Bright flood lights are even more effective due to the amount of light they shine. Some units are sold with two flood lights on them and can detect motion up to 70 feet away. They can also be programmed to remain on for certain periods of time after illumination.

    Plant Thorn Bushes

    Thorn bushes provide an extra level of protection as they are painful and will make entry through windows more difficult. It’s important to keep them thick enough and tall enough to discourage thieves, but not too tall so that they can hide behind them. Firethorn is a beautiful plant that can be made into an evergreen hedge. Being pricked by the thorns will leave a burning sensation that can last for hours. Other plants that that have thorns are cacti, rosebushes, Chinese Jujube, and Bougainvillea.