The Five Most Commonly Stolen Items During a Burglary

The Five Most Commonly Stolen Items During a Burglary

  • Most Commonly Stolen ItemsAs a homeowner, it’s natural to think of expensive jewelry and flat screens as some of the most commonly stolen items in a home burglary. It is also natural to think that this kind of theft occurs when you are away from your home or when you are asleep. These assumptions are not entirely wrong, but with burglaries taking place every 13.0 seconds in the United States, some of these criminal activities are more likely to be purely optimistic and therefore, small items such as phones are likely to be the stolen.

    The first step to safeguarding your valuables is to know which of your valuable are likely to be stolen during a home intrusion. This article will look at some of the most commonly stolen items stolen during a home burglary, according to FBI statistics as of 2012:

    1)  Currency or cash

    Everyone wants money, even burglars! Well, cash tops the list of one of the most ‘sought after’ and stolen items during a home invasion, because it is easy to carry when compared to heavy electronics. Cash can also be easily spent without a trace and has no need for being pawned.

    2)  Electronics

    Electronics such as tablets, cameras, smartphones and laptops are expensive and portable items, making them number two on this list of commonly stolen items in a home invasion.  Electronics are also some of the items that are easy to pawn, and difficult to trace and recover (unless you have a serial number of the item stolen). Some ‘courageous’ burglars may go for large electronics such as flat screen TVs.

    3)  Firearms

    A five-year (2005 to 2010) research from the Bureau of Justice, revealed that about 172,000 guns were reported stolen every year. Firearms are desirable as they are portable to a burglar; and they can fetch a “good price” on the black market, hence making guns number three in this list.

    4)  Jewelry

    “Jewelry is not only a girl’s best friend but also a burglar’s as well.” Jewelry, including gold watches, diamond rings, ruby earrings and more are highly valuable, easy to sell to a pawn shop, not to mention portable, hence one of a burglar’s favorite items to steal.

    5)  Medications

    There is a massive black market for prescription drugs such as anti-depressants and painkillers; it is, therefore, no surprise that medicine makes this list. Medication is also easy to carry and untraceable.

    Now that you have an idea of some of the most stolen items during a home burglary, you should probably take measures to ensure that you do not lose any of the above valuables. These actions include:

    •    Home Safe

    Consider keeping some of the most stolen items such as cash and jewelry in a home safe. A typical burglary incident will usually last a few minutes; therefore chances of a thief penetrating a home safe are slim. Consider getting a non- portable safe, otherwise, a burglar may simply carry it with them.

    •    Keep valuables out of sight

    To avoid opportunistic burglary incidences try and keep your portable electronics such as laptops out of sight away from windows.

    •    Invest in your security

    Prevention is said to be better than cure, so to prevent a home invasion incident consider investing in your security, by having a reliable security system installed. FBI statistics indicate that there are more than 2.5 million home intrusions committed each year, and only about 17% of the homes in the U.S have a home security system. These statistics indicate that if more homeowners were to invest in a home security system, then burglary incidences would probably reduce drastically.

    Knowledge of some of the most commonly stolen items during a home burglary can help you prevent your valuable form being stolen during such incidences; because you can take the necessary preventive measures such as installing a home security system, which helps reduce the chances of a home intrusion.