Common Home Security Myths

Common Home Security Myths

  • Home security is obviously very important, but it’s also equally important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to protecting yourself from a possible break-in. Here are some of the more common home security myths and the truth behind them.

    Common Home Security Myth #1: Deadbolts and Security Bars Will Stop Burglars 

    Truth: Deadbolts and security bars slow can slow down a burglar and help make your home a harder target.

    While a deadbolt lock or a security bar wedged underneath a door knob won’t prevent someone from kicking down your front door, it will prevent them from doing so quickly. This may sound like a small consolation, but the truth is that any thief who wants to get into a home badly enough will find a way. It could take about three hard kicks to knock down a door secured with a deadbolt or security bar. This creates a lot of noise and gives you plenty of time to call for help, lock yourself somewhere safe or even grab a weapon.

    Common Home Security Myth #2: Sliding Doors can be Lifted Off their Track

    Truth: This myth is actually true!  Some sliding doors can simply be lifted with a screwdriver.

    Older sliding doors often have flat thresholds that makes them very easy to lift out. All a thief has to do is stick a screwdriver underneat the door to pop it right out. Even the old trick of blocking the track with a broom handle or plank of wood won’t prevent a sliding glass door from rocking or lifting out.

    Instead of a broom handle, secure a sliding door with a “Charlie bar,” which locks in the center of the door to keep it from rocking from the bottom or top.

    Common Home Security Myth #3: Using Window Locks or Nails is the Best Way to Keep a Window from Being Forced Open

    Truth: Window locks and nails only slow down a thief, and can create a safety hazard in case of a fire.

    Many people like to put nails or locks into their window frames to keep their windows from opening. This seems like it should work, but all it does is create some resistance while a thief forces your window open. This home security method can also create a safety hazard if your home is on fire. You may need to escape through a window, so you don’t want to make it too difficult to open.

    Common Home Security Myth #4: Noise is the Best Deterrent

    Truth: This one is also true–noise is actually the best deterrent.

    Finding new ways to lock your doors and windows will help keep your home safe, but the best home security method is to create as much noise as possible. Thieves don’t want to draw any attention to themselves, so they’re very likely to run away if they hear a loud alarm. A good alarm will also wake you up and alert your neighbors. Make sure the alarm is connected to a monitoring service so that the police will automatically be notified when it is triggered.