Business Security Systems

Dynamark Security of Richmond is a leading provider of business security systems to the central Virginia region. As a full-service alarm company with over 30 years of experience, we can handle the design, installation, and alarm monitoring for commercial security systems for businesses large and small. We work with businesses from many different industries, and we’re proud to count many of the city’s most well-known businesses as our customers.

Affordable Small Business Security Systems

As a small business, we appreciate how difficult it can be to find room in the budget for a security system. That’s why we offer many low-cost options for commercial security systems, and in many cases we can actually provide a free security system. Unlike some alarm companies, we don’t mark up the price of an alarm system or our alarm monitoring services simply because a customer happens to be a business owner instead of a private citizen.

Alarm Systems for Retail Businesses

Retail businesses have unique needs when it comes to security. In addition to protecting against a break-in, retailers need to protect against losses due to shoplifting and employee theft. Well-positioned security cameras can not only help to deter shoplifters; they can also help keep employees honest. When we set up a security system for a retail business, we will provide guidance about what type of cameras should be used and where they should be placed.

Security Systems for Professional Offices

Dynamark Security has a distinct advantage over big-box security companies when it comes to providing security systems for small, professional offices such as insurance agents, medical professionals, attorneys, and financial professionals—as locally owned company, we actually have a small professional office, and we have been our own customer for over 30 years! We understand professional office security systems and can help you create a comprehensive security plan. Unlike other alarm companies, we’ll never try to sell you more services that what you need so that you can put more money in your pocket.

Security Systems for Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques

Although churches, synagogues, and mosques have many of the same security needs as a typical small business, they also have other security challenges that businesses don’t have, including providing building access to volunteer staff and having unusual hours of operation. Also, these organizations must also must deal with the reality that they might be singled out for vandalism or attacks simply because of what they represent. We can help your church, synagogue, or mosque come up with a comprehensive security plan that protects worshipers without being obtrusive.