2Gig Edge Alarm Panel for Home Security Systems

2Gig Edge Alarm Panel for Home Security Systems

2GiG Edge Logo
  • 2GiG Edge LogoOne of the main manufacturers of home security systems installed by Dynamark, 2GiG, has some big news about a new alarm panel coming out early in 2021.

    They haven’t shared a lot of details yet, but this website has a countdown clock and images of what the company is calling the 2GiG Edge Alarm Panel. According to the website, this new panel, which is rumored to be a cutting edge technology dream when it comes to wireless security systems, will be widely available in February 2021. We have every reason to believe it will contain all the latest features and capabilities in wireless security.

    Why is the website a teaser? Well, check it out for yourself and you’ll see that we are only given a few peeks of what the 2GIG Edge Panel will look like. While all past panels have been white in color, the new Edge Panel looks to be black.

    Additionally, we can see that the user interface looks like it has been redesigned from the 2GIG GC3e and 2GIG GC2e models. While there are only glimpses of the panel in pictures and the tagline “You’ve Reached the Edge,” it would be a safe assumption that the new panel may finally introduce a more intuitive interface that will make their systems more accessible to everyone.

    What Might You See on the 2Gig Edge Alarm Panel?

    Nortek and 2GIG haven’t given us much by way of information about the panel just yet, but there are actually some takeaways from what little they did give us. For one, the upper-right corner has the 2GIG logo, which we are thinking will be a button for accessing the system’s menus, settings, and programming functions.

    There is also a gear icon located in the bottom-right corner that will probably have advanced setting options. Directly to the left of that gear icon, there’s a button that could very well be used for accessing different system partitions.

    Looking at the screen further, you’ll find a red asterisk (*) that we expect will open a panic menu for users to pull up in an emergency. Large buttons appear at the center of the main screen that will most likely be used for arming and disarming as well as performing smart home functions.

    A large speaker appears to be at the bottom of the panel that will most likely provide chime and voice annunciation functions. There is also a prominent camera at the top of the panel’s front. This is just speculation, but could we finally see a system panel with facial recognition? We’re excited to see what kind of functionality that addition opens up for users.

    The main screen also appears to display the time, date and local weather forecast, and an LED light is located in the upper right corner. We assume this will be a light that changes color depending on the current system alarm status.

    Another piece of exciting news is that the panel looks to be really thin. That means it will be completely unobtrusive when it’s mounted to the wall. There’s nothing on the website just yet that gives an idea as to how power will be provided to the system or what type of backup battery will be used.

    When Will You Get the Lowdown on the 2GIG Edge?

    According to inside sources at 2GIG, there will be inter-company training held in the new future to get all staff up to speed on the new 2GIG Edge. Once that happens, the public should be able to learn a lot more about the panel.

    They also confirmed our excitement about some type of facial recognition feature that sounds similar to what is currently used by the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus System. To see how Facial Recognition works with home security, you can get more information here.

    However, we were informed that the camera will support some type of facial recognition feature. This sounds similar to what is currently supported by the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus System. You can learn more about IQ2+ facial recognition right here.

    Our sources were also able to confirm that the 2GIG Edge Panel will be completely compatible with Alarm.com and it should be backwards compatible with non-encrypted 345 MHz sensors, including 2GIG 345 MHz Sensors and Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors.

    What we are left still wondering is whether it will support the 700-Series of Z-Wave Plus and if its Z-Wave card will be replaceable. We also want to know if a cellular communicator will come built into the system and if there will be some options for 5G cellular connectivity.

    Also, we are anxious to know what the display screen size will be. At the top of our wishlist? We would love to see another system that is compatible with Apple HomeKit.

    Stay Tuned for Teasers

    We have just a few more months until all of these questions will be answered. That means it isn’t going overboard here to get a little hyped up for its release. We might not have any pictures of the display or a lot of solid details about its functionality and compatibility, but we are hoping to get more teasers in the coming months that we can pass along to you.

    By the way, if you’d like to get the latest news directly from 2Gig, you can submit your name and email on their teaser website, which will also enter you in a sweepstakes to win a number of pretty cool prizes they are giving away to promote the product launch, including YETI coolers, golf clubs, Bluetooth speakers, and more.