2Gig Edge Alarm Panel for Home Security Systems

2Gig Edge Alarm Panel for Home Security Systems

2Gig Edge Alarm Panel Screenshot
  • 2gig Edge CTA AwardThe revolutionary new 2Gig Edge Alarm Panel is finally here, and as promised it incorporates a number of industry-leading features:

    • Built-in facial recognition and analytics within the panel keep your data secure.
    • Panel is 50% thinner than previous models with double the viewing area and higher resolution.
    • Two microphones and dual speakers provide high-quality, echo-free 2-way communication.
    • A simple user interface with 1-button access to key features makes using the panel a breeze.

    With features like those (and many more), it’s easy to see why the panel was the 2021 winner of the Consumer Technology Association’s Smart Home Division Mark of Excellence Award.  Continue reading below for more information on the benefits, features, and technical specifications of the 2Gig Edge.

    2Gig Edge Alarm Panel Benefits

    Although the Edge Alarm Panel is packed with great features, what people really care about is how those features benefit them.  So, before we dive in to the features, let’s go over how those features will help consumers.

    Hands-free operation: The Bluetooth and facial recognition technology incorporated into the panel mean that you can perform key tasks (like disarming the system) hands-free. So, when you walk in the front door with your hands full, just step in front of the panel to disarm it–no need to enter a code.

    Compatibility with popular technology: The panel is compatible with widely used technology like video doorbells from Skybell, Alarm.com video analytics, and smart home speakers like Google Assistant, Amazon’s Echo, and Apple’s Siri.

    Data security: The fact that the panel itself processes analytics vs doing it on the cloud means that your data is more secure.

    Partition your home into sections: The panel allows you to independently secure and control up to four areas of your home–perfect for people with a home office, Airbnb, or basement apartment.

    Backup communication options: The panel can communicate through both cellular LTE and Wi-Fi, so if either of those services are disrupted there will be a backup available.

    Features of the 2Gig Edge

    Ok, now let’s get into all the high-tech features incorporated into the 2Gig Edge–because there’s a lot of them.  From encrypted sensors to live-view video to Z-Wave 700 series integration, this panel really does have it all.  Here are the key features you need to know about:

    Video Features

    • Fully compatible with security cameras and video doorbells
    • View up to 8 video feeds directly from the panel (4 at at time)
    • Compatible with Alarm.com, a leader in video analytics for home security cameras

    Audio Features

    • Best-in-class 2-way voice communication with dual microphones and speakers
    • Noise and echo cancellation

    Panel Interface Features

    • Larger screen size (twice as large as other panels)
    • 50% thinner than previous models
    • Rich colors and a brighter screen
    • Quad-core processor with blazing fast speed
    • Bluetooth compatibility and facial recognition disarming
    • One-touch arming


    • Alarm.com compatible
    • Google Assistant
    • Amazon Echo
    • Apple Siri
    • Skybell Video Doorbell
    • Compatible with Z-Wave Smart Home technology

    Technical Specifications

    Now that we’ve covered all the exciting features and benefits, here are the technical specifications of the 2Gig Edge.

    • Operating temperature: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
    • Max humidity 90%
    • 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 1.7A 14VDC adapter
    • Lithium-polymer backup battery (24 hrs.)
    • Dimensions: 7.5 L x 5.625 W x 1.0 D (in)
    • 19.05 L x 14.29 W x 2.54 D (cm)
    • Weight: 1.39 lbs | 0.63 kg
    • 4G LTE communication with 3G fallback
    • Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz (802.11 b/g/n, WPA-TKIP/WPA2-AES)
    • FCC Certification: Part 15, Part 68
    • Warranty: Limited 3 years

    2Gig Edge Alarm Panel Reviews

    Here are some of the early reviews of the Edge Alarm Panel, courtesy of 2Gig.  These reviews are from beta testers who were given early access to the product before it was publicly released in March 2021.  We’ll add reviews and feedback from consumers as those become available.


    “I can’t believe how fast this thing is. It’s the fastest communicator we have ever seen and leaves the IQ2 in the dust.”

    “Ease of programming – it’s fast!”


    “Doesn’t seem to have any flaws.”

    Easy to set up | Simple to program


    “We are really impressed with build.”

    “Small footprint, large screen, clean appearance”


    “Larger edge-to-edge screen”

    “Photo Frame – allows me to install dealer logo photos”


    “For me, the biggest improvement is the smaller, thinner chassis/housing. That’s a WIN.”

    “The responsiveness and small size of the panel are my favorite features”